What Is It?

The e-tree is a low-traffic email list through which the Rosa Parks PTA sends out important school-related announcements.  The list is used only to send out occasional important announcements from the PTA.  It is not a discussion group, and it will not fill up your in-box.  Messages will be sent in both English and Spanish.

Why Should I Join?

Because you want to get important notices from the Rosa Parks PTA!

How Do I Join?

To subscribe to the e-tree, go to http://etree.rosaparkselementary.org/ and click on Subscribeand/or “Apply for membership”.

How Do I Post Something on the e-tree?

Click here to read the principles and rules that govern posting on the Rosa Parks e-tree.

What if I have a question?

You can always send an email to .

Is Rosa Parks on Twitter and Facebook?

Yes!  Please be sure to follow the school on icon_twitter and icon_facebook.