Kids’ Village

Morning Program: 7:30am-9:00am (in the gym)

After School Program: Dismissal-6:00pm

Kids’ Village is an after school program that combines academic support with enrichment opportunities. On a daily basis, students read, work on homework and play academic games; receive small-group academic intervention (enrollment based on teacher recommendation); participate in sports and cooperative games; participate in hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities; get creative with art projects, and more.

Kids’ Village staff lead daily activities in addition to teaching “Friday Fun” classes, coaching sports teams, and running specialized groups for students across grade levels (ProjectBLACK, Latino Culture Club, leadership, Girls’ Group, Tech Challenge, folklorico, etc.).

Cal student groups come on a regular basis to provide academic support and mentoring, teach art and engineering classes, and run workshops.

In addition to our regular activities for Kids’ Village students, we offer 8-week enrichment classes 3 times a year (starting in October, January and April) that are open to ALL Rosa Parks students . Outside contractors come to Rosa Parks to teach classes in yoga, art, guitar, coding, soccer, tennis, and more. There is a separate fee for these classes.

At Rosa Parks’ Kids’ Village we value and strive to instill:

Creativity—As an After School Program, we are not limited by many of the strict national, state, and district guidelines that dictate much of the classroom time. It is our mission and responsibility to utilize this unique opportunity to find and design creative and alternative ways to reach out to and engage students, and instill aspirations in each of them.

Character—It is our mission and responsibility to promote and instill a wide range of virtues in our students which will help them develop into healthy well-rounded adults. These virtues include but are not limited to independence, confidence, self-awareness, a sense of social justice, and pride.

Collaboration—It is our mission and responsibility to collaborate with the daytime staff in order to provide a seamless school-day experience for our students and to help ensure their academic and social success.

Community—It is our mission and responsibility to instill a sense of belonging and participation in the community of Rosa Parks, Kids’ Village, West Berkeley, and beyond.