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920 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA, 94710
United States

(510) 644-8812

Rosa Parks is an Environmental Science Magnet school in the Berkeley Unified School District in Berkeley, California. Equipped with a science lab, educational garden, and dedicated, professional and talented faculty and staff, students at Rosa Parks benefit from a curriculum enriched with access to science and nature.

Board Members

What is the Executive Board and who are they?

The Executive Board is entrusted with running our PTA chapter here at Rosa Parks. Each area has one or more volunteers and the entire group is overseen by the president of the PTA.

2019-2020 Executive Board


Executive Board Officers are elected each year in March. They are nominated by a nominating committee.

President: Ana Zamost

VP Events Coordinator: Jennifer Wolf

VP Fundraising Chair: Susie Altman

VP Membership Coordinator: Elisenda Peters

Treasurer: Heidi Wagner

Recording Secretaries: Amy Chen and Lia Swindle

Financial Secretary: Sarah Donaldson

Auditor: David Dranitzke

Parliamentarian: Troels Smit

Hospitality Coordinator: Jenny Berrien

Volunteer Coordinator: Jessica Zonarich and Elisenda Peters

Standing Committee Chairs:

Green Schoolyard Committee: Barbie Zeldis and Erinn Nahid

Room Parent Coordinator: Matt Ruby

Communications Coordinator: Stacey Lewis

Social Media Coordinator: Kelley Barry

Website Editor: Jennifer Wolf

Hospitality Coordinator: Barbie Zeldis

Welcoming Committee: Mitch Wilks


Who can I contact to find out more about a PTA-Sponsored event or committee?

PTA Membership: Elisenda Peters

Welcome Events: Mitch Wilks

Read-A-Thon: Stacey Lewis and Marilyn Hesketh

Silent Auction:

Carnival: Lisa Mazur

E-Tree Newsletter: Avisa Tehrani and Lisa Mazur

Website: Jennifer Wolf

T-shirt sales coordinator: Elisenda Peters

Green Schoolyard: Barbie Zeldis


African Descent Advisory Council (ADAC): Laura Babitt and Kacy Robinson

Bulletin Board: Barbie Zeldis

Kids Village: Jessica Baird

SGC Chair: Kacy Robinson