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920 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA, 94710
United States

(510) 644-8812

Rosa Parks is an Environmental Science Magnet school in the Berkeley Unified School District in Berkeley, California. Equipped with a science lab, educational garden, and dedicated, professional and talented faculty and staff, students at Rosa Parks benefit from a curriculum enriched with access to science and nature.

E-Tree Posting Guidelines

E-Tree Posting Principles and Rules

The following principles govern the use of the Rosa Parks PTA e-tree:

  1. The primary purpose of the e-tree is to send out announcements and factual information related to the Rosa Parks PTA, Rosa Parks, and, where of significance to Rosa Parks families, to the BUSD.
  2. The e-tree is not a discussion forum.
  3. The e-tree will attract more members, and its messages will be more carefully reviewed, if the overall number of messages sent to the list is kept extremely low.
  4. Messages should be inclusive through posting in both English and Spanish.

In light of these principles, the PTA will try to enforce the following rules, with the understanding that there may always be exceptions, and flexibility is important:

  1. No commercial posts are allowed.
  2. No posts that are unrelated to Rosa Parks or the BUSD are allowed.
  3. “Reminder” posts that reference previous posts should be limited to circumstances where additional outreach appears necessary.
  4. Posts from the PTA should not advocate explicit positions on matters of school or District policy (unless the PTA has voted to approve them). In order to serve as a vehicle for disseminating information to the community, the PTA will occasionally forward posts from advocacy organizations so long as a) they provide information relating directly to Rosa Parks or the BUSD and b) the post is clearly identified as coming from the organization, and not the PTA.
  5. Messages from the Principal and the School Secretary will be posted as requested. Community members who would like to post a school-related message should contact the PTA Communications person or the PTA President.
  6. The PTA President will determine who has posting privileges, and will generally be limited to those needing to post on a regular basis.
  7. People who have posting privileges and who are unsure about the propriety of a post should ask the PTA Communications person or the PTA President for guidance prior to posting.
  8. All messages should be translated into Spanish and, if longer than a couple of sentences, should be posted separately in English and Spanish (so that the Spanish message is not eclipsed by the English message). Those requesting a posting should provide the translated version.  However, if unable to obtain adequate translation, contact the PTA President and the PTA may be able to provide assistance.