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920 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA, 94710
United States

(510) 644-8812

Rosa Parks is an Environmental Science Magnet school in the Berkeley Unified School District in Berkeley, California. Equipped with a science lab, educational garden, and dedicated, professional and talented faculty and staff, students at Rosa Parks benefit from a curriculum enriched with access to science and nature.

Bell Schedule

Before School Program

7:45   Optional Spanish, Mandarin, Chess classes offered throughout the year in addition to regular Kid's Village program


8:45  Earliest time students can be dropped off at school if not enrolled in a Before School Program

8:57  Kindergartners line up in front of classes, 1st-5th grade students line-up on yard

9:00  Pledge, teachers walk 1st- 5th grade students to class

Morning Recess

10:10-10:25 CEC

10:30-10:45 Grades 2nd-3rd

10:50-11:05 Grades 4th/ 5th


11:05-11:35 CEC (Lunch in classroom)

11:10-11:50 Kindergarten (11:10-11:25 recess, 11:25-11:50 lunch)

11:35-12:15 Grade 1 (11:35-11:50- recess,11:50-12:15 lunch)

11:55-12:35 Grade 2 (11:55-12:15 recess, 12:15-12:35 lunch)

11:55-12:35 Grade 3 (11:55-12:15 recess, 12:15-12:35 lunch)

12:20-1:00   Grade 4 (12:20-12:40 recess, 12:40-1:00 lunch)

12:20-1:00   Grade 5 (12:20-12:45 recess, 12:45-1:00 lunch)

Afternoon recess

12:45-1:00 Grades K

1:05-1:20 1st Grade

1:25-1:40 CEC

Dismissal (Except Wednesdays)

2:15 Kindergarten

3:10 Grades 1st-5th

Early Dismissal (Every Wednesday)

2:15 Kindergarten

2:20 Grades 1st-5th


Kid's Village After School Program


2:15-3:45 Recreation Time and Community Circle

3:45-4:25  Academic Support Hour

4:25-6:00  Recreation and Enrichment Time

First Grade

3:10-3:15 Line Up/Check In

3:20-4:20 Enrichment Block

4:15-5:00 Academic Support Hour

5:00-6:00 Recreation and Enrichment

2nd -5th grade

3:10-3:15 Line up/ Check In

3:15-4:30 Academic Support Hour (3:15-3:50 S1, 3:55-4:30 S2)

4:30-6:00 Recreation and Enrichment

Grades 1st through 5th line up here for the morning announcements and pledge.

Grades 1st through 5th line up here for the morning announcements and pledge.