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920 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA, 94710
United States

(510) 644-8812

Rosa Parks is an Environmental Science Magnet school in the Berkeley Unified School District in Berkeley, California. Equipped with a science lab, educational garden, and dedicated, professional and talented faculty and staff, students at Rosa Parks benefit from a curriculum enriched with access to science and nature.



Paco Furlan, Principal

I have been the principal of Rosa Parks since 2010. Before coming to Berkeley I was a principal for ten years in Eugene, Oregon. I was an assistant principal at North Eugene High School for four years and the principal of River Road Elementary for six years. I received my masters degree in Instructional Leadership from University of Oregon in 1999. I love working with elementary students, staff and parents, I also love being the principal of Rosa Parks Elementary. The diverse student body, the emphasis on excellence and equity for all students, and the wonderful staff all make this school a wonderful place to be principal.

Best Way to Contact Me: 510-644-8812 or


Alicia Barajas, School Secretary

Alicia Barajas is the person to call if your student is sick.

Best Way To Reach Me: (510) 644-8812 or

Other Staff:

Counseling Enriched Teacher           Robert Bartlett                          Rm 1 & 2

Full Inclusion                                     Shannon Amaral                       Rm 23

Resource Specialist                          TBA                                           TBA

Science Specialist                           Suzanne Ingley                          Science Lab

PE Specialist                                    Lisa Billings                               Upstairs office

Library Media Specialist                  Deborah Howe                          Library

Play to Be Coach                             Greg Kelly                                 Office

Dance Specialist                              Betty Ledzepko                        Stage/roam

Literacy Specialist                            Matilde Merello                        Main office

ELD Specialist                                  Julie Rich                                  Red Room

RTI Specialist/Math club                   Vanessa Sinai                           A-1      

RTI Specialist/ Reading club            Brook Pessin-Whedbee            A-3                

Speech                                            Leslie Tilly                                 A-2

Clinical Supervisor                          Shoshana Rosenberg               FRC 2nd floor

Family Support Services                 Tito Aquino                              FRC 2nd floor

School Psychologist                       Kari O´Connor                           Second floor

BEARS Teacher/ Math club             Joan Ludington                        Stage

Kids Village- Director                      Jessica Baird                           Office 101(MPR)

Kids Village–Assist. Director          Claudia Marquez                      Office101 (MPR)

Special Ed I.A                                 Claudia Waters                         Rm 6

Special Ed I.A                                 Esther Jones                            Rm 23

Special Ed I.A                                 Sonya Banks-Mouton               Rm 23

Special Ed I.A                                 Denelle Cyrus/Stacey Lewis     Rm 23

Special Ed I.A                                 Nancy Buendia                         Rm 23

Lead day custodian                        Dinesh Kumar                           Custodial office                                                                                                                

Evening custodian                          Michael Mellion                        Custodial office

Part Time custodian                        Derrick                                      n/a                 

Food Service                                  Maria Lopez                              Cafeteria

Food Service                                  Phyllis Gilliams                          Cafeteria